Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baraholka Bazaar - They Got What You Need

Almaty, Kazakhstan
2/29/2012  11:36 am


     So, I've been in Kazakhstan for more than a week.  Things are moving more slowly than I had expected.  I've been researching coffee business models and how to write business plans but, I have to admit that it is not my forte.  I dread office work and anything of the sort.  I prefer to be more hands on and more direct in my work.  But, I digress...

The car and foot traffic here is horrible yet, it adds to the atmosphere of what the Baraholka bazaar is.

These shipping containers are used for shops at Baraholka.

     On Sunday, we took a trip out to Baraholka - possibly the largest outdoor/indoor market in Almaty.  It's a no frills experience - everything is laid out in front of you and you have plenty of individual vendors to choose from in each section of the market.  For the outdoor market, each vendor operates their business from a shipping container - that is their store and nothing else.  The floors are covered in ice, so it is wise to dress warm and be mindful of where you step.  Throughout the market, you have people lugging goods on carts so expect to be yelled at if you get in their way.

It's like I'm at QC again...

Kitchen Supply Section.

Knives anyone?
Beat yo' wife.  Beat yo' horse.  Beat yo' kids.

First horses I've seen in Kazakhstan.

We're looking at art - we fancy, huh?

I'll have my brandy in the glass all the way in the back...

Champagne bottle cozzies.

Traditional dress - I feel like someone would make their kid wear this for a pageant.
Want a wedding dress?
Horse/Wife Saddles.

If you need to take a break.  Play some Backgammon.

Haish.  Fan Span - One meter.


All I can read at the moment is "Accesory"

That stuff on the right is like a hot dog or something...

Fancy bling to make your guests think you got SWAG while they be drinking yo chai.

Fresh squeezed juice - Pomegranate and Orange! 

     So it all any trip to a bazaar.  You go, check it out, buy what you need and a few other knick knacks.  There is food and there is drink.  There are tons of people, too.  Don't expect to be in and out within a reasonable amount of time.  Give yourself at least three to four hours to check the whole place out and take it all in.  This place is an old country shopping center done right.  Welcome to Baraholka Bazaar.

'Till next time,


Photo of the Day (3/1/2012):  Taken at Baraholka Bazaar.  This guy with a CD player and two speakers DJing an outside section of Baraholka.  Maybe next time I will bring my Beats stereo and we'll music battle it.



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